Te fuiste diciendo adiós en una carta, firmada con tu propia sangre, y hasta el dia de hoy, sigo extrañandote

Jokx No-llores-por-nada

Llegue al punto en que, aunque este al rededor de mis seres queridos riendo y todo eso, sentirme solo ya es normal

Jokx No-llores-por-nada

Como duele fingir estar bien.
2,364 plays XIX. Slipknot. 5.: The Gray Chapter.


This song is not for the living, this song is for the dead.

With my face against the floor, 
I can see you knocked me out of the way. 
I don’t want to get back up, 
but I have to so it might as well be today. 

Nothing appeals to me, 
no one feels like me. 
I’m too busy being calm to disappear.

I’m in no shape to be alone, contrary to the shit that you might hear.
So, walk with me, walk with me.
Don’t let this symbolism kill your heart.
Walk with me, walk with me.
Just like we should’ve done right from the start.
Walk with me, walk with me.
Don’t let this fucking world tear you apart.